My 308 Bolt Action Rifle – Sabrina

I thought I should “show and tell” my two rifles that I compete with up close. Today I am showing you the Bolt Action I use for long range. Her name is Sabrina. Sleek and sexy. Yet she can kick your butt! This was made by Jim Cloward from N. Seattle. He is known far and wide for his hand-carved wood stocks. His specialty is big game and competition rifles. I love the wood grain and color of my gun. It has a 32″ barrel made by Kreiger and a Hall action. The action is the heart of any rifle. It is the thing to which everything is attached to. Think of a car chasis. Without the action or the chasis all you have are just parts. The barrel of course is made with stainless steel. This means less maintenance and better accuracy. The down side is it wears out sooner than other materials. I can get about 2500-3000 rounds down it before I start to notice a drop in accuracy. Then I get to go shopping for new barrels. I love to shop. Who doesn’t?

We (did I say “we”?), my husband loads the ammunition for me. SORRY! This next section may make your eyes roll to the back of your head but I need to let you know the details! We use Lapua Brass. Lapua, which is made in Finland, is known for producing the best brass and you’ll find that most long range shooters favor it. What we look for in selecting the brass we use is uniformity of weight across a group of cases. Say we buy 500 cases. We want brass that is the same weight from one piece to another so that that variable is removed. (Shooting is all about eliminating variables!) 46.5 grains of Varget (smokeless powder), Federal Match 210 primer (pin hits primer and makes bullet go boom), and 155 grain Nosler bullet. Yea baby! Only the best of each ingredient makes that bullet go where you want it to go! Whew. Are you still awake? Tomorrow I will show you my AR15/M16.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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