The CMP Distinguished Badge Since 1884

I mentioned yesterday that Charles had won a CMP Silver Leg medal at the State match. What are these “Leg” points for? What is CMP? What is the Distinguished Badge? Ah, well, this is one of the greatest honors one can get. I will be taking some lines from the CMP directly to help explain this.

The CMP is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It is a national organization dedicated to training and educating US Citizens in responsible uses of firearms and airguns through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. The CMP certifies tons and tons of matches all year and all over the country. The CMP also is the custodian of the Distinguished Badge program which was initiated by the US Army in 1884. To earn a Distinguished designation in rifle or pistol shooting is the ultimate achievement. I believe they have shotgun as well. The Army wanted to boost marksmanship training and award those great achievers. It used to be one had to win 3 leg matches. Now I believe it is a total of points. And one of the wins has to be a first place (Hard Leg). Seems easy enough right? Wrong!

First of all, there are only so many CMP Leg matches per year and in each state. And a person can only compete in 3 a year towards points. You can participate in many more but if you win it does not count. But it is good to keep your name in the system. A Leg match is usually thrown in at the end of the match day. You have already done the whole course which is a match on its own. Then the course of fire is done again with no sighters and at 200 yards offhand, seated rapid and 300 prone rapid you only get 10 rounds to prove your point. At 600 you do get to shoot 20 rounds. So really, one needs to be “on” during those moments. Hope you have perfect 0’s. Another big factor is how many eligible participants are there at your match. Leg points are only given out to the top 10% of eligible entries. If you only have 10 people that is only one Leg. Some matches don’t even have that many so no one will win! Now you have to wait for the next match somewhere.

This is why it can take years to receive the Badge. Since the late 1800’s there are only about a couple thousand Badges? Each Badge is numbered. If you ask a Distinguished shooter their number, they will know it! The ultimate Distinguished achievement is if you win Rifle, Pistol and International. The International can only be won if you participate in Olympics, World Cups, World Championships and Continental Championships. Not too many of those out there!! Hopefully I explained this well enough for those of you unfamiliar with this program. It really is an amazing accomplishment.This link has the full history.  I recommend reading it.

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