Camp Perry 2010 Final Results

What a week! Can I say that this has been an incredible experience for me? This trip turned out to be so valuable and meaningful for me. Sorry, don’t mean to get sappy but really it has! My first time here and I get in to TWO shoot offs the first day, have some strings that are my best scores ever, (ever, well since I have been at this about a year that can be taken as you wish), AND invited to the try-outs for US Palma Team in April. I met so many people from all over the country, civilian and service. I truly had a blast. I finally got  a chance to get to score board and see all of my final results.

Here they are;

Band of Brother’s Trophy – This was first day I shot a 200 10X and got in to shoot off #1. Was 1st place. Did not win shoot off.
Doc Aiken Memorial – High Woman and 15th overall – 196 7X
Mustin Trophy – High Woman and 7th overall 198-9X- Shoot off #2. Did not win.
Sierra Trophy – High Woman and 9th overall 391 – 17X
Edward D Andrews – 13th overall 195 10X
Canadian Cup – 50th overall 829 39X
**Tompkins Trophy Agg – 22nd overall!!!!! 1227 – 58X. This was actually a big Agg and I think this is pretty darn great. 🙂

Palma – 438 – 22X – 77th overall. Funny how this is the one I should have been higher up. All other matches were including all rifle types. Yea!

The awards ceremony last night was nice. The trophies up on stage were something else. The winners of each would receive a plaque then stand by the original that stays with the NRA. Next year I plan on being up there for at least one of those. And some day when I grow up I want to be just like Michelle Gallagher. (3rd pl National Champion) She certainly shoots like a girl.

Today when we finished the team match, my coach Bob Gamboa came up to me and asked to see my front sight. My zeros had been “odd” all week.  Being the newbie that I am I can’t tell when things are  wrong sometimes. And this was so subtle. The sight was crooked and a little bent!!!!!! He said it seems like it had been bumped. He asked how in the heck I still shot so well all week. Well, I am not sure. My heart and hard hold were winning out I guess. Who knows, maybe more trophies could have come my way had it been level and not bent a little. Crazy eh? Today’s team match went super well. I was the highest score on the team. At 800 and 900 I shot a clean with 11X and at 1000 I dropped 4. 3 of which were my fault. I realized when finished my front app was just a bit too tight. If it been slightly more open I would not have done that. I should have stopped an fiddled with it more. One more lesson learned. Many more to come.

Well, home I go tomorrow. I drive to Detroit airport in the am and I can not wait to get home and see Charles. He should have been here with me. He was bummed he was not also. My dog Kozmo will also be in the car when he picks me up. Mr Scruffy face! (In photo) We will go on a vacation for a week next week and then come back and shoot the NW International at Paul Bunyan Range in Washington. There will be another Regional 600 yard prone the next weekend and then we go to Paris for 10 days!!!!!! On the plane tomorrow I will go through each day and rehash memories of the week. There are a few more stories to tell but I don’t want to make this entry any longer.

Thank you to everyone here in Ohio. Met great people. Can’t wait to come back next year.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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