Good Cop Bad Cop – Seattle Police

An unfortunate event happened today down below our condo in downtown Seattle. At midday this Sunday I heard yelling and then “pop. pop, pop”. No mistaking that they were gun shots. “Just great” I thought. I already was complaining about how Seattle streets have become more menacing but I did not need it to be proven again. And so close to home. Lots of caution tape and 20 police cars later I learned what really happened.

Yesterday an 80 year old clerk at a storage facility near by was robbed and stabbed and later died. The suspect took his wallet and went on a spending spree with the man’s credit card. Not so smart bad guy. Don’t you think the cops would be tracking your purchases? Well, he was cornered right below our window. Confronted and he tried to strike and the policeman shot him. I do not know at this time if the suspect is alive or dead. Personally I hope, (I am going to hell for this) he died. He murdered someone and was going to try to kill the police officer also. We do not need to pay for his jail and court time. To me he is a worthless human being. I really know I am going to hell for this. Or at least the liberals will come after me and send me to hell.

My point with this blog entry is that lately Seattle Police have been given a bad rap. According to the media we have a bunch of trigger happy, control freak cops around here. I will have the local liberals all over me for this also. I can tell you what. You could not pay me enough money to be an officer. Especially in Seattle. Our Police have been stripped of any approval to do anything to protect themselves and its citizens. They get spit on, hit, kicked and shot at. Not to mention just the words thrown at them. A friend who is an officer here went back east to a convention for police officers. The instructor was going over maneuvers police need to do in certain situations. Every situation he mentioned he would stop and say “Oh, you guys from Wash St can’t do this because your laws don’t allow you to.” I get so perplexed when I hear people comment how “out of control” our police are. Really? Ok people. For everyone 100 of them there are 100,000 of us idiots they need to look after. I have seen from my window a gang at 2 in the morning start chaos on the street. A police officer was in his car just watching. He was not about to get out of his car alone. If he did and was confronted and shot someone out of self-defense it would have been all over the news that cops are racist. “They were just kids” the newspaper would say.

Seattle’s last and current mayor and city council have made downtown Seattle a homeless and halfway house mecca. For every new condo or apartment that was built the developers had to build homeless housing. We have no loitering laws and people are allowed to panhandle and sleep anywhere. I know. What a cruel heartless GOP I am. But for the last 5 years I have watched downtown Seattle get worse and worse with the drug dealing, crack whores and meth heads and nasty street kids. Pretty much every doorway has someone sleeping or passed out in it. Sunday mornings walking downtown is like the land of the living dead. It should be pleasant on a Sunday morning or any morning at that. But it is not. We received a letter from the city recently asking if the new “Urine and Feces Cleanup Crew” was doing a good job. WTF? How about getting rid of the problem of who is making that mess!!! I hear friends who live in the suburbs say that downtown is eclectic. “It adds flavor” they say. Fine. I am bussing all of that “flavor” to your neighborhood. How about a couple of the halfway houses with the registered sex offenders I found on my “registered sex offenders” iphone app?

Whatever. I am on the side of the Seattle Police. Good Cops.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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