Shooting Bloopers

Awhile back I posted about my embarrassing moment of when I left my brand new rifle at the 1000 yard line in Sacramento as I drove back to Seattle, WA. (If you did not read that post I did get it back). I realized I have had actually quite a few situations that are head shaking, embarrassing or blooper like. So if I do than I am guessing many other shooters do also. I sent out a request for other people’s stories and I got quite a few. A concurring theme of most is being forgetful. I will start with my list and Charles and then add the contributers. (The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Or embarrassed.)

My Bloopers:
*Leaving rifle in Sacramento on 1000 yard line as I drove back to Seattle
*Not bringing enough ammo to finish a match. Thought it was 60 rounds and it was actually 80.
*Forgot all of my shooting accessories (glove, elbow pad, hat, Stats book) when I went to Canada for BC Championship. Borrowed gear. Won Championship. 🙂
*I usually wear flip flops in the car to and from matches. Don’t like to be in heavy boots for ride. And they can get muddy. But this one day I wore my rhinestone studded flip flops. Got to match and realized I forgot my boots.
*At this high power match we were going backward from 600 yards forward. It was a leg match so no sighters allowed. I shot my 300 yard rapid fire string. The Range Master asked me if I got all of my rounds off. Yes, I said. Are you sure he said? I never moved my sights from 600 to 300. All 10 rounds were at tippy top of target.
*Cross Firing. More than once in same match.
Many more I am sure I am forgetting.

Charles:(I can say his name. He is my husband.)
*After having a couple too many drinks the night before a match, he thinks it is a good idea to clean his M14 trigger group. Not so smart. Next day there were some issues.
*Shots are going all over the target. Can’t figure out why. I notice as I am scoring for him that his rear sight is flopping back and forth.
*Caused a range alibi at Perry. Pulled a target down after only one shot during rapid fire. It’s just my way of saying “Hey! Look at ME”. Not really the best way to get attention!

Other Contributors:
*Forgetting ammo
*Worked very hard to become a member of this rifle club just so he could win the club championship and drove 2 hours to get to match and realized he forgot his rifle.
*Wa Junior coach drove motor home to Camp Perry with all of the kid’s gear and AMMO. Motor home breaks down and catches on fire! (No catastrophes thank goodness)
**One of our Juniors on the US Rifle Team had her rifle run over by a range safety officer in Australia  at the World Cup. He must have been Australian.
*Gun goes off during Prep Time. A big no-no
* “The only really embarrassing thing to happen to me was shooting a 4P smallbore match. Shooting offhand I was taking too long for a shot, got flustered put my rifle down too hard on the offhand stand and popped a round into the ground (the triggers are light enough that opening the bolt before setting them down is prudent). Everyone close to me on the line sort of looked at me then went back to shooting, no one said anything.”
  *A Development Team junior who shot an entire air rifle match full of nines down and to the right because his scope was focused on the target next to his during the sighters and he heeded his coach’s instructions about not looking in the scope again after he started for record.
*Smallbore nationals and Olympic selection, 1995 – could not figure out why my prone scores were getting progressively worse and worse during the match. Sight extension tube had never been tightened in the collar, and was wiggling its way off the rifle.
*Started driving to a match about 75 minutes away, got 45 minutes into trip and realized I forgot directions (pre-smart phone era) – I drove to gas station to ask, to hardware store, looked in phone book at store, couldn’t find, drove home without shooting.

*Showed up at a match without a holster, belt, or ammo pouches after driving an hour to get there, – no luck finding any subs
*Showed up at a match w/o ammo, was able to buy some from friends
*Showed up to a range to practice for a match there the following week, shot for 1/2 hr with 2 friends, started driving back, got chased down dirt road by angry range master in battered pickup who wanted $3 guest fee from one of my friends (no signs posted or history of requiring guests of members to pay a fee)
 I am sure there are hundreds more stories out there. Feel free to add yours.
“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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