Interview With Brianna Rachinski – 2011 Junior National Long Range Champion

A year and a half ago I met a YOUNG new shooter at a 500 yard match at the range at Machias in North Seattle. Her name is Brianna Rachinski. She is from Ferndale, WA and she just turned 15 years old. She was the first of a new group of juniors from the north end of Washington to get involved in high power. She shoots mid and long range, 300 – 1000 yards with a .308 bolt action long rifle. Yes, folks. Iron sights just like I shoot. Her rifle is taller than she is I believe. Brianna kept showing up to matches and she kept creeping up behind us all and in no time got her NRA High Master card in Mid and Long Range Competition. In fact she was so excited she had to call up the NRA directly and ask them where her official high master card was. “They were taking too long” she said. This year in August at Camp Perry she won the National Junior Championship. 4 national awards actually. She beat the boys too. There is no women’s category in this sport. Not only that but she got a last minute invite to be on the US Under 25 Rifle Team and went to Australia last month only to come home with two team gold medals. She started a year and half ago gang! 15 years old! Brianna was first on my list to interview and I am sure you can understand why.
Anette: Hi Brianna, You have had an amazing year. Ronnett and Jeff your mom and dad (Photo of Bri and mom and dad at right) must be so proud of you?
Yes, and I think I have lost count of how often they say it! They are very supportive!
Anette: What age were you when you started shooting and what were you shooting?
I was 3 1/2 when I started shooting. I was just shooting pop cans with my bb gun 😉 My dad got me started in shooting.

Anette: You were Junior National Champion this year! How cool is that? Did you set goals to get there? Any events stand out?
Brianna: Well, I knew that I could win it, and I thought it was an attainable goal. I went up on stage 4 times to get my awards. (At the National Awards Ceremony) It is definitely one of my goals to win next year.
Winning high junior, and standing up on the stage was the most memorable moment there. Also, during the big rain storm, Hannah Gaddie and I decided to run around in the “puddles” because we were already soaked, that was pretty fun!
Anette: To my readers, I was there also. We had the most amazing rain storm that flooded that area of Ohio. About 2 feet of water. Some puddles! I recall Brianna and Hannah losing there flip flops and falling face first in the “puddle”.

Anette: A 21 hour flight to Australia last month must have been exciting. You represented the United States for the Under 25 Team at the World Championship. Were you nervous or were you able to relax and have fun? Any memorable moments?
Brianna: I was having so much fun in Australia. I wasn’t too nervous.
My team took home 2 gold medals! The Australia match medal, and the World Long Range Championship medal. The beaches and the island that we (my team and I) went to were very memorable, they were so pretty. I can’t think of a specific moment, there are too many! At the range, I shot a 71/75 at 1,000 yards. I thought that I didn’t do too great, but I ended up being about 20th at that yard line! 
Anette: Wow Brianna. That is 20th in the world! Not just juniors!

Anette: I heard your rifle got run over on the range there! What in the heck?
Brianna: I was coming back from lunch, and one of my teammates (and a few people from my target) was standing by my gun, starting to pick it up. I asked what happened, and a few people just told me to make sure my gun wasn’t broken. I was sorta freaked out! I asked them what happened, and Abe (one of my teammates) told me that the range official had ran over my gun with a golf cart! My gun is fine, he just ran over about 5″ of the but stock. I’m just glad nothing was broken! My team took home 2 gold medals! The Australia match medal, and the World Long Range Championship medal. 
Anette: Sheesh! A range official of all people. Must have been an Australian.

Anette: With the success of this year you have won many medals, plaques and trophies. Where are you displaying all of these?
Brianna: Well… um, I’m not really displaying them. I have my gold medals from Australia in our living room right now. My plaques from Camp Perry are in my room in a box along with a few small medals and trophies. I will eventually display them somewhere, but right now it’s not that important to me. 
Anette: Boy, I wish I could be that humble. My readers know how much I exploit my wins and medals. Note to self, take down my trophy case above our bed.
Anette: So Brianna, do you have a boyfriend or any crushes?
Brianna: I don’t have a boyfriend right now. Crushes? Yes!!!
Anette: Oh my Jeff and Ronnett. It is starting!

Anette: After your performance this year you must have some amazing goals for next year?
Brianna: Next year, my goals are to win high junior at Camp Perry, become a better wind reader, set another national record, win the Long Range State Championship, win the Long Range Regional Championship (Canada, Oregon, and Washington), and, if the Young Eagles go to Great Britain, be on the winning team. I am also going to start shooting smallbore 3P next year.
Anette: Funny. I had some of those same goals. I had better get back out to the range and practice. I am in big trouble.
Thank you Brianna! Best of luck to you this next year and many years to come.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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