Practice Goals This Year for 3 Gun and Long Range Rifle

This year ahead will be an interesting one. I am starting 3 Gun as well as keeping up my shooting in Long Range. I am making sure I get as many local mid range matches as I can and at least 3 major long range matches around the country. Making the time to practice for all of this is my goal. I am very fortunate to live in a state that has so many great ranges that participate in high power and USPSA/3 Gun matches. And Cascade Rifle & Pistol offers many ranges to set up practice match situations. The prone rifle matches I do are held all of the time locally at least to 600 yards.  I have registered for several 3 Gun matches around the country but they are far and few between. To practice for those I am signing up for as many local pistol and tactical rifle matches and hitting the sporting clay stations at Seattle Trap and Skeet. So this is how I am scheduling myself.

I work at WCA two days a week so I can practice pistol drills there on my break up to 25 yards. 3 weekends a month are local USPSA pistol matches. For tactical rifle there is at least one match a month at our Renton range. (Within an hour of Seattle is what I am looking for). My prone rifle matches are 2-3 times a month also. For Shotgun fundamentals Charles and I and friends hit Seattle Trap and Skeet two or three times a month for sporting clays. Although different from tactical, sporting clay shooting gives me great aiming references. Thursdays or Fridays I make a point to go to Cascade and set up a pistol bay with a mini course. Pistols is the new comer to me. I am working on accuracy while adding speed. The farther steel targets are my main focus. I have worked with a coach to practice shooting with both eyes open. Not easy on the farther smaller targets! I am able to do this without thinking with shotgun and rifle but for some reason have trouble with the pistol. And a .40 does not stay in position as lightly as a 9mm. Then there are the dry fire drills.

I know that in 3 Gun the speed at which you reload is crucial. At home I practice my pistol draws from holster and changing mags. And of course the shotgun reload is another story. Loading 8 rounds in the tube, quickly. Weak hand or strong hand? From top or bottom? After many suggestions, ok too many suggestions from different people, I went out on my own. After trying a variety of ways I personally am able to do the weak hand load best. Since I am a newbie I timed myself to give me a goal to beat. Right now I am at 12 seconds. I dry fire one shot then tuck gun stock under arm and grab 4 shells (snap caps) at a time and load away. Being 6 ft tall I have an advantage of large hands. My hands are as big as any guys so I will be able to compete in this aspect. Now to get the time down. I have seen people take a shot, load 8 rounds and take a shot in 6 seconds. Baby steps. Can I drop one second a week or every two weeks if I do this every day for 15 – 30 minutes? I wonder if I will even notice when that happens. I will when the timer shows it but will I feel it? I am a bit obsessed with practicing these days. Even just mental exercises. It is all I think about! I really want to come out of the gate well. I have put extra pressure on myself since some amazing companies are sponsoring me. And all on faith in me! I have great accomplishments in High Power but no record yet with 3 Gun. Yet they believe in me to get me started. Thank you to PNW Arms, JP Enterprises, Nosler, West Coast Armory and ESS. Most of all to my Charles. Without his support and push for me to pursue this I would not be here. I have my work cut out for me this year. And I love it.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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