Ephrata, WA 3 Gun Match 2012

Here I thought I would have a lot of free time to write about this 3 Gun mini road trip but any down time really does not exist. Wi-Fi on the road is only available when you get back to the hotel room and by then you are too tired and in the mornings we leave super early to hit the road again. So I apologize that entries will be sporadic. My first official multi-gun match was awesome.  
We had a fun squad of friends from Seattle and Montana that met up here.  Although 58thout of 75 in Tactical Scope division I felt I performed very well. My first match and I was not last! And I learned many things that I can take with me to Nationals this next weekend. I am certain that every match will be a learning experience. What I have learned this weekend is that my weak point is pistol. I kicked butt on rifle, especially the longer ranges and my new shotgun skills shined. The long range rifle targets were at distances from 75 – 300 yards. I was one for one on all but 3 plates for the day. Those 3 plates took 2 rounds each. My cadence 
was as fast as the good guys. My highlight of the
 day was the metal plate spinner. Using shotgun there 
were 2 plates one large and one small that you had to hit and make a full revolution. I had never done this. Someone told me to take 2 really quick shots at the bottom larger plate and when that swung the smaller plate back to the top you took two quick shots to that and it should flip over. I did it in 3 shots! I wish I had it on film. I walked away before it was totally over and everyone thought I screwed up. But I had a sense that it would go over. It teetered at the top for a second and then tipped on over. I heard my squad gasp then cheer behind me. That was a good feeling. My humbling parts of the match were the tiny steel plates using pistol.
I am learning that I need to get a 9mm instead of my 40 caliber for this game. There may be some matches that have plates that will be easier to knock down with a 40. But overall a 9mm would be easier. I have a 9mm upper for my Tanfoglio on order but they say it will be May before it arrives. If I ever have to use a pistol on the Spinner then I would want my 40 but I believe the 9mm will speed things up considerably for everything else. Speed is important and less recoil will help. Unlike USPSA pistol matches, using a 9mm will not throw me in to a different category. Now we have very dirty guns and we hit the road to visit friends in Missoula, MT for one night, to Sheridan, WY to stay with Charles’ brother, to Jackson Hole for one night, Park City, UT one night and then to Vegas by Thursday afternoon. As I write this I am in the truck heading away from Missoula to Sheridan. I am loving these wide open spaces. Seattle seems less desirable anymore.
“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can….”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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