2012 Burden Memorial Long Range Championship

Sandy, OR – Douglas Ridge Rifle Club

I apologize for my delay in this entry. I am just getting a minute to sit down and recap last weekend’s match in Oregon. A typical Memorial Weekend in the NW. Cool and wet. Although very lucky we were never rained on as we were shooting, it was still very wet and gray. So I never needed to pull out my “Rifle Cozy” (rifle rain guard). I made this a year ago in the hopes of using it and showing it off. I suppose it is a good thing that I have not been rained on enough to need it. We had a good turn-out for this match. I believe we had over 60 competitors. Their was a strong junior presence (photo of Wa junior team below) (Left to right, Haley Rettmer, Natasha Pitre, Luke Rettmer, Brianna Rachinski and Gabrielle Pitre) and we had several shooters from California, Idaho and Canada that made the trip. In fact Canada came on very strong this year and took the entire match.

Don Pitcairn from B.C. (In Outback outfit in photo :)) held a strong lead all weekend and managed to end the last string at 1000 yards with a clean 150/150 with 14X! 14 X’s out 15 shots for those unfamiliar with the scoring. Incredible. I would say he deserved his win. The Canadians also took the team event beating my US Team by one point. One point! Bummer. Our winning streak ended. I am disappointed in my performance for the team as I dropped a couple of points that were really bad shots. It is a team effort and you feel bad when you screw up. My goal in the next few weeks is lots of practice at 600 yards and holding hard. A bit of a story behind this but lately I am doubting my sight picture I have been using. Our front sights come in 3 different app sizes. I have the smallest one and I am realizing this may not be working for me anymore. This could cause my elevation shots. I may order the medium size and see if it helps. My vision seems to be changing daily. The joys of getting older!

The Burden is a 3 day match. Days 1 and 2 are individuals in Palma and 2 extra strings at 1000 yards as Any/Any stages. You can use any caliber and any sights you wish. I still used my Palma rifle iron sights for that stage. This weekend I had the same outcome as last weekend’s Rattlesnake match. The first day I struggled. I dropped 5 points at 1000 yards and then another 7 during the Any/Any at 1000. Although a calmer climate than Rattlesnake, Doug Ridge has a strange atmosphere. You are shooting up hill and there are trees at sides and above the hill of range. The wind at times comes up and over the hill and you can not tell what it is doing. Shooters complain that the the flags and mirage will be doing completely opposite things and then you also can get elevation shots that are unexplainable. It is actually a very interesting and challenging place to shoot. I also should mention that the shooting berms at 800 and 900 yards here are inclined and lumpy. This makes it awkward to get a comfortable position. Because of the low light a mirage was sometimes non-existent. I found most of the time I was waiting out the other shooters and watching their targets before I adjusted my wind knob or took my shot. Knowing the shooters next to me are really good I would trust that if several of them were blown left or right or up and down I could adjust accordingly and stay in the scoring rings. If you can’t see a mirage that is your next best strategy. Well, mine anyway for that day. It worked for me until 1000 yards. Sunday I seemed to get more comfortable and settle in. I only dropped two points all day and 2 points on the 1000 Any/Any. It gave me a 3rd High Master spot for the Agg of the day. But not enough to bring up the ranks for the weekend Grand Agg. I managed an 8th overall. So, I need to just shake it off and continue my practices. My next 1000 yard match won’t be until Camp Perry in August. But I have many close range 600 yards matches between now and then. Trigger time!

I am now getting ready for our State High Power Championship this weekend. This is with my AR15 service rifle in Across The Course format. Similar to small-bore position shooting but with obviously higher caliber rifles and farther distances. Sunday is another opportunity for Leg points toward a Distinguished Badge. Stay tuned next week for results and if you want updates throughout the weekend you can LIKE my Anette Wachter – 30CalGal Fan Page on Face Book. Or my Twitter account @30calgal. And once again, thank you if you are reading this and have been following my stories. I am always surprised when people talk to me about posts I have written.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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