Girl’s Gun Getaway 2012 – Part 2 of 4

To Hunt Squirrels or Not To Hunt Squirrels? All of us were offered coyote and squirrel

One of Destinee’s contributions. A Mosin Nagant.

hunting through out the weekend. Just in case I got my Apprentice small game license ahead of time. The coyote hunt was scheduled for dawn the first morning on Saturday. Having arrived at midnight and not getting to sleep until 1:30 am and our West coast time difference I opted to pass. Reason #2 and perhaps the real reason I chickened out was the constant reminder of ticks and chiggers that are in that region. Even with the uber toxic spray we kept on our clothes all weekend those things were climbing all over you. This is where my inner girliness comes out. “Icky!” As much as I complain about our NW weather I am very thankful we do not have bad bugs. Barb,

M&P Shield

Marti, Julie, Lacey and Shelley set out in the wee hours. 3 hours later they returned with no kills but had funny video of them blowing the coyote call. Imagine 5 gals in a hide blowing this call and trying not to crack up. Not mention just trying not to make noise for an hour or more. I on the other hand woke up leisurely Saturday morning to the smells of 2nd Amendment Coffee.

Thanks to Gabby’s connection in Atlanta she brought us donated coffee from Such good coffee! You must order some. You will be a fan I promise. When the extreme huntresses returned, Julie organized everyone outside on Barb’s range. They have a great 100 yard range right out the back door with a covered firing line and at least 5 benches and a shed. Thanks to Smith & Wesson and

Checking out the merch on the firing line.

Julie we got to try the Shield which no one can get and her rifle she uses for 3 Gun. Shelley brought her entire line

Love this photo of Natalie in all smiles.

of M&Ps. Even her new Compact which has a sparkly blue Cerakote finish. Beretta USA dropped off Nanos, PX4s, Storms, and a shotgun to try. And there were all of the pistols we brought from our own collections as well. Ammunition Depot donated a bunch of 9mm, 223, 7.62 and 12 and 20 gauge. I must say we were spoiled this weekend. And best yet was that S&W bought our groceries for the entire weekend. (I was the chef for all meals) We spent a couple of hours shooting. I loved the Shield! If the popularity ever dies down maybe I can get one. I also liked the PX4. After a lunch break we head back out to the range with our rifle collection.

From .22s to bolt action hunting rifles, my lovely JP and Julie’s S&W 3 Gun rifle we had

Another version of our group photo

plenty to play with. I think we had about 12 to choose from. We saved the AK, RPK and 50 Cal for Sunday. After the rifle session we got out of the heat and in to Barb’s awesome air-conditioned ranch house and chilled out, checked emails and then organized the great group photo with all of the guns brought along for this trip that you have seen. This photo here is another version. Since Destinee drove she was able to bring about 15 firearms herself. What fun! All of us posted that photo on FB over the weekend and realized it passed the basic Like count and actually went viral. There were over 300 shares from Julie’s post alone. 1000 or more Likes. Crazy! We started a Twitter feed called #girlsgungetaway and that was passed around as well. Then talk of a pillow fight started. All of us had the common story of how our other halves were teasing they hoped that a pillow fight would break out. Boys. So we thought we would start putting that together. A few gals went to the big W again and found some feather pillows and a whole chicken. Chicken? Why yes. We needed something to blow up on Sunday for our explosives lessons with Dr. Bomb. That would be Jason, Barb’s husband who is a professor of explosive engineering at Miss. U. The balance of this story and pillow fights will come tomorrow. The rest of the evening was

Out on the range. Left to right – Destinee, Lacey, Anette and Marti

set with a great dinner, meeting and S’mores.

The dinner that night was pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. I gave a list of groceries to Barb for the planned meals and mentioned I needed ground beef but that if she had any wild game that would be even better. How does Venison Enchiladas sound? Man they were yummy! After dinner we had our official meeting of the minds. It was interesting to hear comments of how we felt the gun industry was going and how women fit in to it, how we are perceived, etc. I can’t really remember all the little details but Julie was our leader and note taker so she will be sending out the minutes to us. No we did not solve the world’s problems but it was an interesting discussion of many topics. Then to take a break we sat outside (very hot in Missouri this time of year but still dry for the moment) and Barb made us roasted baseball sized marshmallows. Someone had the brilliant idea of making bacon. OMG (and I never use this term) bacon S’mores. They are pretty darn tasty!

Stay in touch for Part 3 tomorrow!

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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