2012 41st Division Regional Championship

Washington State Junior High Power Shooters new name and logo. Designed by Gabrielle Pitre.

Once again Washington State has an awesome new group of junior shooters to take over the world of High Power. Camp Perry will be over run with a group of almost a dozen WA juniors in August.  The Washington State Warriors. This amazing logo at top was designed by Gabrielle (Gabby) Pitre. I can see a bright future for her in graphic design. For 3 1/2 weeks they will be living on base of The Ohio National Guard and competing in CMP, NRA and Long Range National Matches. Not all of them are shown in this top photo but allow me to introduce this group. Left to Right: Anton Vilkotski, Luke Rettmer, Gabrielle Pitre, Haley

Warriors 1 and 2 – Anton Vilkotski, Luke Rettmer, Gabrielle Pitre, Haley Rettmer, Natasha Pitre, Tanner Dennison, Danny Ashford. Photo by Mike Pitre.

Rettmer, Natasha Pitre, Tanner Dennison, Danny Ashford.  The 4 shown in the photo below are the winners of last weekend’s Regional Team match. They beat all of the adults that were Master and High Masters. Nice job to Tanner, Danny, Gabrielle and Natasha. Natasha took top junior in the 600 yard match on Saturday and Haley Rettmer took 3rd place and (bummer) First Leather in the Leg Match on Sunday. So close. All of them had great scores. Not only are they all very talented but just an awesome group to hang with. I have enjoyed getting to know most of them the last couple of years. As for my performance this weekend? I was not at all happy with Saturday but Monday brought sunshine and smiles.

Regional Team Winners. Tanner, Dennis, Gabby and Tasha. – Photo by Mike Pitre.last couple of years. As for my performance this weekend? It was not so great on Saturday but really great on Monday.

Saturday was the 600 yard prone match of 60 rounds. I cross fired in the second string so that put me away. I know never to give up even after a tough blow like that because you never know what may happen up to the last shot fired. But with that many great shooters around I did not

have much chance to catch up. Congrats to Mike Mauer for his great win on Saturday. I shot my RPA Quadlok again this weekend so I could convince myself that this rifle is fine and it is all in my head that “it is not shooting well”. I still had shots that were not on call. But sure, it very well could be me. If you remember I had some broken washers replaced earlier this year which was causing the issues before. On Saturday I had a couple of RPA action owners/shooters take a look at the rifle and they noticed the bolt was extra difficult to close and open. I learned that the lugs were not engaging evenly. Two weren’t even engaging at all. Which means a lot of pressure is on the other two. This also could mean that there is an uneven angle or pressure on the cartridge in the chamber. And in my head I believe that could cause some weird shots. (Others may be rolling their eyes at this comment I am sure.) I do not know why this issue has happened. But off to the gunsmith it goes. Again. I am going to take the Warner rear sight off of it and put it on my Hall action with my new front Right Sight that is arriving in the mail. I am getting the bigger iris of 4.0 – 6.0. I don’t have 30 year old eyes anymore. Another zeroing in and I should be good to go. Mentally anyway. I can’t decide if once I get the RPA fixed if I want to sell it or keep it. It is an amazing rifle. Look what I did with it last year! I just don’t trust it at the moment. But just as I was feeling blue, Monday came along and perked me back up again.

Monday was the CMP Leg match. In order to give away two awards for The Leg Match we needed 16 non-distinguished shooters minimum. Thank you to Paul for coming out of the wood work to make up the numbers. He made our 16th shooter. This match is across the course with service rifles. You go backward from 600 yards forward. There are no sighters allowed. Except for 600 yards the stages are half the round count. You have to perform. You get one chance. I have found from past Leg matches that you can never tell how it is going. You may think you dropped too many points at a certain stage to give you a win and then you find out others struggled at other stages. Even with the zeros you had the day before at the same range, they never seem to be perfect again on the Leg match day.

CMP Gold Medal

Well I managed to win the match. Winning the match gave me a gold medal (In photo at right. Actually Charle’s medal but this is what will be sent to me by the CMP) and a Hard Leg win. One Hard Leg is required no matter how many points you earn. Whew! I got it out of the way. I now have 16 points. 14 more to go.

To explain why anything can happen during this match? David Scott. He is an excellent High Power shooter. He should have won. I was scoring for him at 600 yards and watched the trace of his bullet through my scope as he took his first shot. We were on target 17. The trace went to target 18. I realized he did not think anything of it when he saw 18 come up with a score and he went to take another shot. He did not hear the shooter on 18 shout that his target was cross-fired on. I could not stand for that to happen again and got his attention. He could not believe it. He had been shooting on 18 all day during the team match and it was stuck in his head. I am sure he thought his chances of getting a medal were done. Nope. He still took 2nd and received a Silver medal and 6 points. And he was only 2 points behind me. He shot so well on all other stages he kept his lead. Anything can happen. Don’t ever give up hope until the final round is down range.

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can….”


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