2012 NW Multigun Challenge

Stage 1 at the 2012 NW Multigun Challenge. Nice profile of my JP and Leupold Scope!

Bend, OR

My 4th multigun match is under my belt. Although very windy and dusty at the COSSA

Our squad 7.

range in Bend the weather was beautiful. The dust did seem to make its way in to every crevice of gear, cars and humans though. Can anyone develop a range with grass or vegetation to counter that? This NW Multigun Challenge was successfully organized by Doug Hartley and Scott and Brenda Hawkins. Leupold Tactical Scopes and Warne Scope Mounts were the main sponsors.  Other than 2 equipment failures that were fixed I finally am feeling a bit more comfortable in this discipline of shooting.

I have a huge thank you to FNH USA for sending me a replacement bolt assembly just in

Bonus rifle shot at 800 yards with the donated RBros Rifle and Leupold scope. I hit it!

time for this match. If you recall at the Ironman last month it broke. Really broke. Tabor who is a sales director for FNH just happened to be one of the ROs on that stage. Since I was given the gun by West Coast Armory I was hoping they could reach FN and get a new part. Unfortunately they had experience from past customers not getting warranty parts for a long time if ever. I was surprised to hear that and thought I should turn it over to the gunsmith to see if he could fix it. That very next day Tabor contacted me out of the blue via email to let me know they wanted to take care of the situation and

Final stage shoot house. Charles is planning his strategy. Run by Marine Sgts, their shooting team members.

get me a new part. How awesome is that? I judged before I knew better. I let him know I was hoping to have it in time for the Challenge and they shipped it out asap. We cleaned up the shotgun, lubed it and put in the new bolt assembly. Well, we apparently did not put it back together correctly.

The very first stage it shut down. A fired round was stuck in the chamber and the next round was stuck in the loading area. The bolt was not going back because of the extra round in the way. Taking it all apart we realized the magazine spring  and retainer were not correctly tightened or put together. Not knowing yet what was wrong I decided to use Charles’ new Benneli M2 for the rest of the day. Now the Benneli

Stage 1 shotgun and log range rifle. Leupold.

has its own character. It ran really well but I kept getting confused with the cocking lever and its function besides locking back the bolt. Then my friend Mike DeGuzeman offered me his FN shotgun to use for the match since he was done shooting. His jammed also! It was the same problem. After he gave it to me he realized the retainer was not on it. I did not see him put it together and I think perhaps he did not put in correctly also? And he also thought maybe he had not cleaned it in awhile.  Ah shooting. So many tiny little details. On Sunday I put my faith back in to my FN and we made sure all parts were put together and sure enough it ran perfectly all day. So I will admit this malfunction was operator error and not the equipment. As far as the rest of my gear, my Tanfoglio and JP Rifle were perfect. I love this photo at the top of the page. So do three of my sponsors Nosler, Leupold and JP Rifles. As for the match there were two stages that gave me the most trouble.

I lost big points on the two stages the shotguns stopped working. But stage 1 which should have been a good stage for me turned out to be the hardest. It was the one stage with longer rifle ranges. There were 7 seven flashers from 160 yards to 325 yards. As soon as my squad started shooting we had the perfect storm come through. Winds were gusting at about 20 mph. The flags were straight up and directly across from 9 to 3 o’clock. I also have not had a chance to zero in at different distances since I change scope mounts. I do know my holds fairly well for 200 and 300 but the winds made it much more difficult. I only hit 2 of the 7. I was not going to take a million shots so I gave it about 5 each and moved on. That even seemed too many. The other tough one was the last stage on Sunday. It was a shoot house and had all 3 firearm targets on all sides of the house through high and low port windows. It required back tracking as well as well side to side. I was the first shooter and felt rushed to memorize all of the targets. So I missed one rifle target and 2 steel shotgun targets. I was frustrated that I did not stick to my plan of the rifle strategy. I changed it as I was shooting and that messed me up. I keep learning! I now am switching mental gears to prone shooting only for the next couple of months.

Charles is helping me load about 1000 rounds of .308 to get me through practices, the BC Championship and Nationals in Ohio. I tell you I could not do this without him. This year at Nationals we have 4 teams coming from Great Britain, Japan, Australia and Canada. Should be tons of fun. 5 long days of shooting. We also are having for the first time in the US the America’s Cup. I am on one of the US squads for Nationals but the Americas Cup team will be chosen at Nationals as they see how each member is shooting. No pressure or anything!

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

Thank you to all of the sponsors for the NW Multigun Challenge; R&R Targets, Crimson Trace, RBros Rifles, Colt Competition, MGM Targets, Ergo Grip, Cheaper Than Dirt, Seekins Precision, Brownells, PWS, STS Arms, Higher Capcity, Stag Arms, Repcon NW and Hogdgon. These matches do not happen without their support and prize table contributions.

As for the mat

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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  1. Larry Weeks says:

    Most any match in the midwest will be on grass. CMMG, Ozark (both Missouri) are in natural terrain. Rockcastle is in the hills of Kentucky, mostly natural terrain – tho’ there are 4 dusty square bays.

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