2012 B.C. Rifle Championship – Day 1

Gen Volkes Range – Chilliwack, BC Canada

My favorite range to shoot at is the range here in Chilliwack, BC. Called Gen. Volkes Range, it is a military range. As you can see in this photo it is pretty fabulous. The snowy peaks at the right are the border of US and Canada. The number of competitors is half the amount of last year. Seems as though a few people went to Bisley in England and just got back last week so it was a bit much to come to this also. And usually the year after a Palma World Cup people take a break. Also, the range has a new director that changed some rules this year and would not allow people to bring in motor homes as in the past. So that turned off a few. He is apparently leaving this post soon and many of the locals will be very happy. I arrived Thursday for a practice and sight in at 500 metres.

My trip crossing the border was so easy! Of course I had all of the paper work for the rifles. The agent at the gate asked me to pull over and go inside and register and pay the tax. I walked in and there were two shooters I know from California waiting. For some reason they were not being ushered through. The agent who checked my papers stamped them, sent me to pay money and came back and handed me my papers and sent me away. They never checked the rifles. Poor Mike and Alex were shaking their heads that I got out so easily. “I’ll see you up at the range!” I said. I told them it must be because they are from CA.  Or maybe they need to be female. At the range we had a quick sight in at just the 500 metre line. I was happy to shoot my Hall rifle that did so well last weekend. Well poopy. Every round went up and down. I finally felt my rear sight and the elevation portion of it was not tightened down. You could squeeze it up and down. Right before I left I asked my gun smith to zero the wind knob for me. I am guessing perhaps the elevation knob was touched somehow. This is my Phoenix Precision sight and I could not remember how to tighten it down. I had 3 people trying to figure it out. I finally reached my gunsmith and he walked us through it over the phone. (There was no cell service up there. Thank goodness there was a land line in club house.) So I got it tightened but I had no zero now. Or at least it would be slightly off I thought and the next morning we were starting at 300 metres. I had to guess what the difference the tightening of the sight would have made (I guessed about 2 minutes) and then hope that 8 minutes down in elevation (from 500 to 300 including that change) would get me in the general area of the bull. Remember we do get 2 sighters but they are convertible. You want to be able to use them. I made the right judgement.

My first to 2 shots were a 5 and a V at perfect elelvation. I’ll take them! Scoring there is V instead of X and 5 instead of 10 and then 4,3. The V-bull is TINY! This match is so difficult because of that. Zero room for error. I was on the first string of the day and it was super dark at the targets. My new front sight I was so happy about with the 4-6 app was not big enough! I learned there is even a bigger one with a 5.5 -7 app that people have strictly for this international target. Guess what am buying when I get home? So I have a very tight white ring around the bull and I dropped two points because the bull just fuzzed out and distorted. You need a lot of white around it. It makes a world of difference to call shots. Your eyes play tricks on you. I should have waited it out and let my eyes adjust more but I thought I could hold it. The next string was better. The light came over the hill. I cleaned the target with all Vs! Back at 400 and 500 metres I dropped a few more points. I am down 7 for the day. Ouch! The mirage was changing so fast I kept getting caught in it. All dropped points were at the line just outside of the 5 at either 9 or 3:00. My elevation was perfect all day but I got scooted out by the mirage. I was in first place for The Lt Governor’s Cup (The Chair) early on and then fell back a few spots with my dropped points. I am not far behind though and there are 3 more days. This happened last year as well. I have to stop looking at the score board each day. I don’t want to know where I stand until it is over. I am excited for tomorrow. My rifle is shooting super well and I love the new trigger. Now I have to pray that I do not get first string again tomorrow in the dark. I am at a double disadvantage with my front sight.

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

**I may not get to write about the next three days until I get home next week. Sorry, you may have to wait for results. I will certainly put any wins on FaceBook Monday after awards.

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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