2012 BC Rifle Championship

Chilliwack, BC

2012 BC Championship. Flintlock and High Woman Trophies

Never a dull moment! I guess this will be my year of mechanical issues. I love my two big

US Team 2012 BC Championship. Silver Medal

trophies I won but a pale comparison to the stack I had last year. Canadians Jim Patton and Don Pitcairn were unstoppable with amazing scores. Jim took the overall grand agg and Don won The Lt. Governor’s Cup also known as The Chair. My US team team tied with the Canadians in score but they had us in V count. Bummer! So close.  I started the match on fire on Friday.

I did drop one point at the first string at 300 metres but the second string I cleaned it with all V’s (X’s). That was the first stage of

US Team Silver Patch

the Lt. Governor’s Cup. But then slowly I dropped a couple more points that day. With the competition present you can’t afford to drop any points. Jim Patton just got back from Bisley (UK Championship) and was in the top 5 there. He was very warmed up for this match and it showed. He won high V count for the entire match with over 90. The next closest was about 60 V’s. I started to have a problem with my trigger where the sear would not engage when I closed the bolt. A bit startling to pull the trigger and nothing happens. I could re-cock it though and it would be fine. But I had to do this a few times. But my heart sank as I felt that again I had to mentally deal with equipment issues. Then on the last morning with the critical final round for the Governor’s cup my first stage completely disappeared.

I lost a point out the top because it went off as I thought I was approaching the stop. The

16 year old Canadian Fiona Anderson. The only other gal out there. She did really well!

next two strings I had to make do and hold very hard as I pulled through the trigger. Considering, I did pretty well. But I did drop a couple more points and that took me out of even 5th place. During our break before the final team match I had someone help me pull the action out of the stock and try to fix it. We had the instruction sheet that came with the new CG trigger and the two allen wrenches. Turns out one of the wrenches sent with the kit was the wrong size. Of course. Thank goodness there were a bunch of shooters with tool kits around. My kit did not have that small size required. A bunch of things were odd. The action for one was fairly loose unscrewing it from the stock. Then the trigger housing was loose at one end to the action. We tried to following instructions with the two screws, one for the sear engagement and one for the trigger stages. It completely fell apart! Nothing would go back together. It was

The entire lot of trophies to win. Amazing silver!

11:55 and the match was starting at 12:00. Team mate Wayne allowed me to use his rifle which happens to be an RPA like my other rifle. I was normally the first shooter but we changed up the order so I could alter his rifle to fit me. I needed to change sling stop, rear sight distance and cheek and shoulder pieces. Not too much actually and it fit pretty well right away. I jumped in to position as the second shooter and shot perfectly. Whew!! I jokingly yet somewhat seriously asked if I could borrow Wayne’s rifle to bring to Camp Perry with me this week. I have two days before I leave and I work the two 10 hour shifts at the range and have no time to work with my Hall. He did not even hesitate and said yes. But I still needed my rifle looked at.

You should always have two rifles with you at a match. As I drove home last night and

Highlight! Very cool art work on an F-Class rifle. I want.

crossed the border I called my gunsmith even though it was after his work hours. Apologizing, I begged to drop off the rifle to him on my way home to see if he could fix it before I leave Thursday. He allowed me in and he took it apart and it was very screwed up inside. The screw for the sear adjustment was loose and had fallen down and snagged with a ball bearing. Who knows how this happened? Jim just shook his head. We both thought this may be a bad trigger and I might need to return it. In the mean time he will try to machine parts of it to see if we can get it going for Perry. If not we will put the old one back in and that will be my back up. Talk about stressful! I owe Jim and Wayne several bottles of wine. I won’t be getting much done this next two days except driving two extra hours each morning before work to pick up rifles and repacking my suitcase. Deep breath. I can do this. It is worth it. Believe it or not I do still feel confident going to Perry. I must crazy in the head to do all of this.

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”



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Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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