My New Favorite Gun Cleaning Product

I realized that between Charles and I we have tons of gadgets, tools, lubes, cleaners and whatever to clean guns. Most things are not fancy or expensive. There are Q-tips, toothpicks, teeth cleaning tools and even chop-sticks. The weird stuff that has a job somewhere. I am sure everyone has a huge kit of stuff. Today I found my new favorite cleaning “tool”.

I spent the day practicing 3 Gun stages with my friend and coach Scott Hawkins. Shelley-Rae got to join us as well. Tons of fun! The film crew that ESS hired to film a story of Shelley and I and Boomershoot were there to make things more interesting. That is Andy Tran from Couch Creative Productions in photo. We finally had a sunny day but the grounds were very muddy from all of the rain we have had. Every time I dropped mags I had to pick them up out of the mud. I never had to take them apart but I did sometimes unload the ammo and wipe off the rounds. I certainly took them apart tonight to clean them.

The magazines were actually not very messy. My Tanfoglio on the other hand was another story. I knew it would need a cleaning but I had no idea what was going to come out of it. I had done my standard cleaning with CLP and many Q-tips. I thought I had it pretty sparkly. Charles had a can of Break Free Powder Blast that he had never used and asked me if I wanted to give it a try. Lordy! Can you see all of the shreds of gunk in the photo? I thought it was mud or even bits of leaves from today. All of a sudden this stuff started to peel away from the sides and in the crevices. It wouldn’t stop. A bit of fun really to pull these pieces out. Kind of like when you were a kid and you would pull your scabs off. Ha ha! Too much information! It was not mud or leaves. It was gunky residue. I just felt terrible that my poor “Italian car” had all of that in there. And for how long? I clean it all the time! I was surprised the gun was not malfunctioning. I am a huge fan of Powder Blast now. I know many of you are rolling your eyes. This has been around forever right? Well I suppose I need to figure these things out on my own time. I won’t use it every time I clean mainly because each can is $10 and you need to be pretty careful to oil the gun well enough afterwards. But so cool!

Call me a dork but I enjoyed this little learning experience. What is your favorite cleaning gizmo?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

About 30calgal

Member of the Unites States Rifle Team. 2011 NRA National Civilian Record Holder of 300 Yards. 2011 B.C. Rifle Champion (First American woman and second woman ever to win this in 127 years) and more. Starting the fast and exciting world of 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition.
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