Girls Gun Getaway 2012 Part 3

Feather carpet left over from “pillow fight”. Photo courtesy of Julie G.

Raw chickens, feather pillows, explosives and oh yes, “Moenarch” butterflies. Sunday morning was an early rise again. We had a couple gals leaving and wanted to make our pillow fight video and learn how to mold C4 and blow stuff up. Plus it was to be a super hot day and the earlier the better. This was the second day in a row with minimal sleep and we had to be dressed and chipper at 7am. Needless to say I had a 4 hour nap that afternoon. Of course I can’t give away details yet of the making of the “pillow fight” since Julie has not yet finished the editing. But I can say she took amazing “Glam” shots of each woman with their gun of choice. I love mine posing with my JP rifle. I will be changing my Profile pic to this one for a while. I know the JP does not represent my 30calgal side but I love the photo. She made everyone look great. Is there anything that woman can’t do? I promise as soon as the video is posted I will present it here and on FB and the extra photos with it. So we did some filming after the photos and then followed Dr. Bomb on the other side of the property for a safety briefing on explosives.

Jason often brings his students back to the ranch for hands on classes and demos. Nice to know

Grabbing a chunk of C4 to mold.

someone with all of the credentials! He shared with us in the plainest English he could about the components we were going to use. The reason for the raw whole chicken is that he wanted to demonstrate the power that just the blasting cap has without anything for it to blow up. He stuck it in the wing of the bird, came back to our safe zone and set it off. Not much left of the chicken except nuggets for the coyotes later. He wanted to share that the wing is like a human hand and that the blasting cap has its own power. There is a photo at right with Barb holding what is left of that poor chicken. On that note we needed to make feathers fly out of the pillows. He set just the cap in the pillow and Julie got the most amazing feather snow storm on film. Then Dr. Bomb handed us a zip lock bag of C4 mixture loosely packed. We each grabbed a hunk and formed it like a snowball. I tried to make the “gopher” but it was not sticky enough. He had us each wrap our snowballs in duct

Prepping the chicken. Photo from Julie G.

tape to

Barb holding what is left of the chicken. Photo from Julie G.

Natalie hanging her C4 snowball from tree with Dr. Bomb. Photo courtesy of Natalie.

hold it in place and then wrapped the line of the cap around a tree limb and poked it in the ball and then secured it with more tape. We followed the extra line back to the wiring that led to the detonator and we connected the two sets. Walked all the way back to the detonator and he showed us how to connect the wires to it and then press the buttons simultaneously. “Fire in the hole!” 3 times and then “3, 2, 1”. Kaboom! Soooooo awesome. I never got tired of watching each person blow one up. Can you believe no one was able to catch it on film? I do however have the Wall Of Fire he made for us that evening. (Shown above) After our explosive morning we had lunch and most of us passed out for a couple of hours to regain

What the Wall of Fire looked like at set up.

some energy. We still had more to do for the day.

Later that afternoon Barb, Julie, Marti and Lacey donned their ladies camo wear and took off for some squirrel hunting. Julie was bragging about her recipe for squirrel stew so they were on a mission to provide the meat. A couple of hours later Marti came up the stairs and said we all needed to walk out to the truck and see the great catch. I knew something was up since Lacey was holding a camera to film our reactions. The back of the truck looked quite empty until Julie held up a tiny little box and opened it oh so slowly. An itty bitty butterfly wing. They were bragging that Julie shot a butterfly in mid air perfectly center mass. Knowing how great of a shooter she is we all actually fell for it. It was not a Monarch but a “Moenarch”. Imagine hearing the Missouri accent. Little did we know that later that evening she would show us the funniest video ever. We learned how gullible we were. The gals never saw a single squirrel so out of boredom the filming came about. This was the greatest spoof of reality hunting shows ever. Now that I have bragged about it you want to see it right? As sensitive and PC the world is these days she did not want to air it publicly. It is very clean cut and truly “no ‘moenarch’ butterflies were harmed in the shooting of this video.” But Julie is the poster child for S&W and is careful about their and her image understandably. If I can convince the group to air it I will share it.  I was crying I was laughing so hard. They did a great job. Sorry, that does not help you I know. I will have many more photos to share in my last post tomorrow. We still had 1000 rounds of 7.62 to fire in the morning before we left.  Again, thank you to for giving that to us! The big and bad Serbu 50 Cal BMG was waiting for me as well. Sweet dreams.

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